Publication - International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure

Original article available on UNEP's website

The International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure set out ten guiding principles that policymakers can follow to help integrate sustainability into infrastructure planning and delivery. They are focused on integrated approaches and systems-level interventions that governments can make to create an enabling environment for sustainable infrastructure.

The principles are complemented by a second publication, Integrated Approaches in Action: A Companion to the International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure.

Together, the publications aim to inform the forthcoming wave of global infrastructure investment. Collectively, they specify and demonstrate how environmental, social and economic sustainability must be integrated right across infrastructure policymaking at the systems-level. The individual principles and case studies were developed via ongoing global consultation and inputs from experts and UN Member States, as part of the implementation of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) Resolution 4/5 on Sustainable Infrastructure.

These publications have been made possible by the financial support of the Global Environment Facility, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy.