Assessing the SDGs monitoring system

On 27th October 2016, the SOLEP invited scientists and representatives from the Luxembourgish government to a panel discussion on the assessment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) monitoring system at the EIB. This tenth workshop was integrated in the programme of a larger event, the October Days for Sustainable Development, co-organised by the EIB Institute and the University of Luxembourg.

The discussion focused on the main specificities of the SDGs compared to previous international commitments, on its design and implementation framework and whether the follow-up and review system addresses the needs. Compared to the Millennium Development Goals, the panel highlighted that the agenda 2030 is more ambitious and has an integrative character due to its interdependent numerous targets. The experts agreed that the monitoring system cannot work perfectly, as long as countries face difficulties in translating the agenda 2030 into their national contexts. Participants also suggested to complement the monitoring system with evaluation and to seek a higher engagement of the private sector to ensure that funds will be used efficiently to achieve the SDGs.  

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